Fall is here!!! 
Mystical Creature, my new cd, is getting so many positive responses! We have new merchandise in the store including temporary tattoos and I've discounted the two older CDs, just for you. Browse around, sign the email list and guest book and let me know what you're up to!

Jessica Star


FaerieCon East!!! 

Hi lovelies,
it's been a bit too long since I wrote. Believe me, I've been very busy! We just played the Terrapin House Concert in Glasgow, Delaware and that was AWESOME!!! Joseph built us an amazing stage with scaffolding and lights! It looks so good. It adds a whole new dimension to our show!
We have FaerieCon East coming up soon in Hunt Valley, Maryland! That is the first gathering of the Fae lovers that I attended and where I met alot of the folks who put on these wonderful festivals and who book me and my band to come play. FaerieCon East is really fun. We're going to play on Saturday, November 8th from noon to 1pm on the Mythic Stage in the Maryland Ballroom. We'll have our merchandise booth set up all weekend so if you happen to be there, come visit us! We may even be playing one of our acoustic sets at our booth:) We will be joined by our drummer, Bob Jones for our show at FaerieCon! This shot was taken after our Terrapin House Concert this past Saturday night.

Be well!

Jessica Star

Commentary about our show at the Mother Earth Harvest Fair 

"Oh why thank you! I truly had an amazing time listening and watching. Your music is perfection and I'm glad to add it to my conglomeration of listening material. Know your work will be cherished! You have such a positive presence and a unique sound. I was teetering on this euphoric and elated state while I sat there and listened. Thank you for coming and may you have happy travels!

-Jordan Otto"

Post show weekend update 

It's Monday at 8:48am. This weekend was EPIC. I left Friday morning and met up with my bassist, Joseph, at Spoutwood Farm. We drove up to Syracuse, NY and played the next day at the Central NY Pagan Pride Project at 11am and 3pm. We heard John Harford and his band Ashangal! We heard Tim Parker and his son play in their duo, Arethusa--- AWESOME. We witnessed the sounds of Project Wendigo!!! We met so many beautiful people. We saw the amazing belly dance troup, Adi Shakti World Fusion Bellydance
Then we packed it up and drove back down to Glen Rock, PA to play on Sunday at noon and 3pm at Spoutwood Farm for the Mother Earth Harvest Fair! Those folks at Spoutwood are so good at putting on well run events. I'll say the same for John Harford who was the entertainment coordinator for the Pagan Pride Project. I love working with people that make it easier!!!
We had such beautiful dancers dancing to our music at Spoutwood!!! The colors of their fans and scarves was just glorious. So many nice people.  We loved every second of this weekend...
Then we drove home; me back up to NY and Joseph to his home in Maryland. I brought just my guitars and suitcase in last night. Today I will unload the rest and REST!!!!

thank you!


Today I leave with the truck packed for our shows!!! We play in Syracuse, NY at the Pagan Pride Project on Saturday and on Sunday we play in Glen Rock, PA for the Mother Earth Harvest Festival!!!

new merchandise!!! 

I've been working on this site! I've added the eye pendants to the store and soon we'll have... temporary tattoos!!! So exciting. August has been a mellow month as far as shows but there's been a lot going on, believe me. I'm really excited about the weekend of shows we have on September 20th and 21st. That is going to be so much fun. We're up at Pagan Pride in Syracuse, NY on Saturday and down in Glen Rock, PA on Sunday for the Spoutwood Mother Earth Harvest Festival. I'm so happy, it's two new festivals for us this year. I love adding new festivals. Alright, be well and always listen to your heart. Your heart is the true compass for your life. Your heart knows the truth even if it doesn't seem logical. Your heart is your life force. Your heart is STRONG!!! Love is the strongest force. Love. 


Such sweet words from a fellow songwriter! 

Greetings Jessica, 
Just wanted to get your blessing to cover "river" 
I don't play many covers but when I heard that song.. 
I HAD to play it. 
I was telling some friends about your music 
I didn't have anything but my guitar, so I played it 
For them.. you now have A new tribe in Binghamton NY. 
I will only play it with your blessing, and continue to tell my folk about you. 


I just got back from FaerieWorlds in Eugene, Oregon! Wow. What an amazing festival! This was definitely my best year. Joseph and I played on Friday with drummer, Michael Saint John and SJ Tucker sang harmony on Black Bird!!! We had electrical outages three times during the set which brought out my improv skills- I sang acapella for one verse of Red Phoenix Aflame and then right at the chorus, the sound came back on and we rocked electric for the rest of the set! Big thanks to Buck Potter and Athonwy Doherty at the NeverWorlds stage for their masterful sound skills!
We joined Sharon Knight and Winter on the Main Stage on Saturday for their set. That was an awesome experience! Sharon and Winter's music is so powerful and beautiful! SJ Tucker also joined them and it was so much fun!
Sunday, we played our best show on the NeverWorlds stage with drummer Michael and Sharon and Winter joined us! What a great time. We had our merchandise booth right across from Nymbol's Puppet Theater at the entrance of NeverWorlds. My husband and son, Josh got to come with us to FW this time and they loved it!

Our next show is Sunday, September 7th in Greenbelt, Maryland at the New Deal Cafe!

FaerieWorlds stage schedules! 

I'm so excited! We will have a full band for our shows on Friday and Sunday in NeverWorlds and we'll be joining Sharon Knight and Winter for their Main Stage set on Saturday!!!


At last the news everyone has been waiting for; the complete stage schedules for Faerieworlds 2014!  Check it out!

3:45            SJ TUCKER
5:45            BROTHER
8:00            ZIRP
10:00          OMNIA

1:00            SHARON KNIGHT & FRIENDS
2:30            BROTHER
4:30            TIERRO - MUSIC OF KAN'NAL
9:30            MARTINE KRAFT

1:00            SEA STARS
3:00            THE WICKER MEN
5:00            KYTAMI
7:00            ZIRP
9:00            WOODLAND & FRIENDS



7:00            JESSICA STAR
12:15          SJ TUCKER                    

3:30            FANAI
6:00            SEA STARS
8:30            BROTHER
12:00          THE WICKER MAN

2:00            FAERABELLA
4:00            JESSICA STAR
6:00            SJ TUCKER

NY Faerie Festival, FaerieWorlds and life! 

Last weekend we played the NY Faerie Festival! Four of our own shows and two where we sat in with our friends, Sharon Knight and Winter. Winter produced our new album, Mystical Creature, and played guitar on a bunch of songs and Sharon sang harmony. They also joined us for two of our shows and it was amazing!
Our new drummer, Bob Jones is ROCKING IT!!!! This was his first Faerie Festival and the Fae loved him.
Our next show is in Mohegan Lake, NY at the Winery at St George on Wednesday, July 23rd at 8pm. Come!!! Dress in your Faerie Festival finery! It's the NY release party for Mystical Creature and the venue is gorgeous! It's a renovated stone church and looks like a castle pub on both the outside and inside. The acoustics are amazing.
The day after the release party, we fly to Oregon for.... FAERIEWORLDS!!!!! We'll play all three days and have an awesome band. 
If you are going to be there, come visit our merchandise booth;)


Jessica Star


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