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Festival of Legends!!! 

Our next show is the Festival of Legends in North Carolina! It is going to be a duo show with Joseph and me. Our drummer, Bob, can't make it this time. We'll be playing both Saturday and Sunday- two sets a day and we'll have our merchandise set up! I'm so excited. I'm really looking forward to seeing all our friends. It is the first festival we'll be playing to mark Spring 2016 and it will be right after my birthday...
I hope you can make it!


One week after Wicked Faire 

This is a very relaxing day for me... The thing that makes relaxing days the sweetest is when you are very busy creating your living dream and then you take the time to relax, rest, slow down, enjoy the natural pace of nature and your own body...
I've been extremely busy lately with creating my life, recreating my life, sculpting my world to fit me better... I've always found it very uncomfortable to live in other people's ideas of "reality". What makes one person's idea of real more real that someone else's? Money? A larger group of people agreeing on it? Hmmmm.... Someone told me a long time ago that I live in my own little world... We all do. Have you ever noticed that people can be laughing together at the same time but they are laughing at different things? Or having a conversation but they are actually talking about two different subjects? People live in their own little worlds. You perceive their world through your own ability to see. The clearer you are, the clearer you can see reality. I love creating my own little world. Is it little? Is it vast? Only you know the flower that you are becoming. It is up to you to grow that flower and manifest it to the eyes of the world... To present it... If it never blooms, no one will have known that it could have existed.... Your gift is manifesting that beautiful being that you are and bringing yourself out for the world to experience... Most likely the biggest naysayer will be the voice of fear inside your head... Walk through the fear.. The veil of fear is an illusion and once you gain the confidence and strength to walk through it, you will be stronger..

Morning of 2nd day at Wicked Faire! 

Good morning everyone!
This is the last Wicked Faire ever and we played last night on the Regency Stage! Lights, sound, big stage and Joseph, Bob and I rocking out my songs:)
We go back this morning to set up our merchandise booth and play again tonight at 7:30pm!

I hope you can make it!


Wicked Faire!!! 

Soon! So soon we'll be playing the last Wicked Faire EVER!!!!! We have our official stage and show times!

The Regency Stage!!! 
Friday, Feb. 19th at 8:00-9:00pm 
Saturday, Feb. 20th at 7:30-8:30pm 
Sunday, Feb. 21st at 11:30-12:30pm

Get your tickets and hotel room if you are planning to come and then get your costumes together!!! This will most definitely be the best Wicked Faire because it is the last hurrah... And we are playing!!!!!


RISING; From The Vault- physical cd- ready for flight! 

"RISING; From The Vault"
San Francisco Bay Area Rock legends playing on my album, backing me up, producing and arranging! Our producer from Mystical Creature, Winter, brought the archived DAT tape to digital form and mastered it and my friend, Wheeler Stone did the beautiful graphic art.
I am so happy with the way it came out!!! Thank you UNIVERSE!!!!!
This album was recorded one year after Jerry Garcia left the Earth. I was hanging out in Marin County and with alot of help, this album was made combining the forces of my original songs and vocals, Pete Sears on the keyboard and piano(Moon Alice, Hot Tuna, Jefferson Starship), Mario Cipollina on the bass (Huey Lewis and The News), Donny Baldwin on the drums (Jefferson Starship, Lydia Pense and Cold Blood), Ho Young on guitar (John Kahn Band), John Kahn arranging (Jerry Garcia's bassist in the Jerry Garcia Band), and Bob Matthews producing (producer of the Grateful Dead)...
It's a beautiful album. It was my first experience in a real recording studio- Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California! You may wonder why it took so long to manifest in the world? It's a good question. I think it's actually perfect. I always wanted to have a "from the vault" kind of album and whalah! Yes, believe me, I plan on recording all new songs as soon as possible but sometimes it's nice to listen to what came before.. The beginnings.. I hope you will order yourself a copy of this album. I'd love to share it with you. It's available in my store; go to the store here on my site and scroll to the bottom.

Happy holidays!

Jessica Star

Happy holidays!


Positive comments about Mystical Creature! 

I want to share a great piece of positivity that a fan wrote to Joseph and me about Mystical Creature!

"Was listening to Mystical Creature earlier today. "The Ocean" helped me kick a major case of writer's block.
Thanks to both of you... I have that album as part of a long playlist I use while writing. That tune came up & something broke. I picked up that slow-burn groove "The Ocean" has going on and rode it right over a plot problem that had been holding me up for weeks. I think I played the song twelve times in a row to stay in that headspace."

- Jeff

... I just love hearing how my music effects people positively:)


RISING; From The Vault- soon to be! 

Soon, very soon I will have the physical cds of "RISING; From The Vault"!!!
This would make an excellent Christmas or Chanukah gift! In fact, I have four cds and you can get a set of all four of them!
The whole library of Jessica Star music (thus far)..
I hope this post finds you well and excited about your life!

Jessica Star

Post FaerieCon East! 

Today is Monday, and yes, it's the day after FaerieCon East. I'm tired but feeling really good about the weekend. We had a really fun show on Saturday and so many beautiful and CREATIVE revelers showed up!!! I got a video of the entire show and in between each song they are clapping, hooting, reveling!!! Wow, I love those people. The Good and Bad Faeries Balls were AWESOME!!! We got to hear a little of the Sunday night acoustic concert and it sounded so sweet.
Alright, that is all for now. Good night!


preparing for FaerieCon East!  

This is the very busy time before a big weekend festival or, convention as is this weekend. I'm very excited. I wasn't able to be at FaerieCon East last year. At the last minute, actually this week last year, my plans were drastically altered and I had to cancel which I abhor! One year later I make my way back into The Realm with my trio to play on Saturday, November 7th at 1pm on the Mythic Stage! We also have our merchandise booth so, come say hi! I'm so excited to be my authentic self... I do well in fantasy situations. I love it when people are creative and expressing themselves freely. Besides being excited about our show, I'm really looking forward to the Good and Bad Faeries Balls on Friday and Saturday night! Besides being excited about the events, I'm REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to seeing everyone. Not sure if you know this about me but I am a tribal minded person. I consider that I come from a tribe. My main tribe is on the west coast. They are spread out from LA to northern Washington state. I've known some of them for over 20 years. I've been here in NY for 13 years and now, I have a tribe here on the east coast. This was my plan. To have tribes on both coasts and be part of the interconnectedness of all those like minded people. It's not surprising that many of them know each other from various gatherings. I have had a very intense year since last FaerieWorlds 2014. I look forward to being among my people again. I drink in the harmonic energy of my fellow dreamers!!!

Jessica Star

FaerieCon East!!! 

Hey beautiful ones;)
I'm so excited, FaerieCon East is next week and we are playing on Saturday, November 7th at 1pm on the Mythic Stage!
I love FaerieCon and FaerieWorlds... Such creativity everywhere.. Humans at their finest.. 
Check out the website!
FaerieCon East

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