En route to the Spoutwood Fairie Festival!

Here I sit in the Mystical Machine in NYC. The hazard lights are on and everyone is picking up their favorite nosh. Drummer, Kensington got two dirty water dogs," Josh the Terrible" (faerie smasher in training) got seaweed salad, Ma and Pa Star are feasting on Monster Sushi tonight in the Mystical Machine as we roll on to our destination- the Spoutwood Fairie Festival. 
Bassist, Joseph is riding solo tonight with his vehicle packed to the brim with everything he'll need to rock the Fae.
Tomorrow we play!

Spoutwood Fairie Festival shows!!!

Friday, May 2nd
Royal Maypole Stage
3pm and 5pm

Saturday, May 3rd
Frodo Hill Stage
12pm and 3pm

Sunday, May 4th
Gossamer Stage