Oh my!
We just went to Faeriecon in Baltimore, Maryland. I had so much fun. Seriously. Geez! What is it? A gathering of Faerie culture, art, music, clothing, pointed ears, dancing… Wow. I felt right at home.
As some of you know, I’ve been trying, for years to figure out what path to take as far as the direction of my music. A few years ago, I felt that I’m Country. I do love new Country music. It’s part of who I am. I’m a multifaceted being. I have been focused on writing and recording Country and love the new music I’ve made. But part of what’s been concerning me is that alot of the music I’ve made and that’s on my albums is more ethereal. I’ve felt sad that in choosing to focus on Country, I wouldn’t be able to play songs that I’ve written and love that are more Faery Rock.
This weekend has helped me figure some stuff out. I asked my son, two and a half, should I play Faery music or Country? He said,“both!”
So, happily I will tread the Faerie path.. My song,“Traveling Minstress” actually came to me from the Faery beings around or in a plum tree. It’s one of my very favorite songs.
The joke is that I’m sure it’s obvious to those who know me. So, there you go!