life in NYC

The Honky Tonk Angels show was FUN! I played solo for a half hour and had a great time doing it. I debuted two new songs: Boxes of Tears and Wild Rose. Yep, hopefully soon I’ll be able to add the video from these shows I’ve been doing onto my website and myspace!

And for all of you who haven’t heard yet…

I’m pregnant! As of now, I’m 17 weeks! Pretty cool. I’ve had three shows so far as a pregnant lady; one in Greenwich Village, one in Harlem, and one in the East Village. Thank God they make stylish maternity clothes! It’s relieving to me to be able to get really cute clothes as I grow bigger and bigger.

  I guess our baby is going to be a New Yorker! I have no desire to live anywhere else.  I love it here. I feel like I’ve thrived as a person and as an artist in this crazy environment.  I’m spoiled now too. Where as I used to shop at flea markets and garage sales, now I never find anything I actually want to have in my possession at those places; nothing used really. I have a theory about the clothes that you get used here in NYC compared to the ones on the west coast; I think the ones here are just more used and stinky. More likely my taste has just changed. Although, because there are so many stylish people here, every once in a while I’ll happen upon a stoop sale with ladies my size and find designer stuff like Betsey Johnson dresses, and they’re cheap! Those I pick up.

  I’m so happy to be home after so much traveling in late August and mid September.

We went to Burning Man, our annual pilgrimage, and as you can guess, I was super tired this year! I never even made it out on the playa at night to check out the art and the parties. Ah well, I was having my own inner party. I pretty much just hung out at camp, ate and slept. It was a hotttt year too. We left two days earlier than planned and thank God for that. There was a nine-hour dust storm on Saturday that pushed the burn back til like, 2am or so. We left on Friday. I’m so grateful for my intuition. We were in my favorite spot, Mt. Shasta, before and after Burning Man and that was awesome. It was our one-year anniversary of being married so we went up to the spot on the mountain where we had our ceremony. What a special place.

  We flew home for one week of sleeping (for me) and then flew out to Seattle for my best friends’ wedding near Port Townsend, WA. It was a beautiful wedding on the beach.  We flew home and it all added up.. All the traveling, all the socializing, I was so pooped! The Dixie Chicks said something about never plan a tour when you’re pregnant and I can totally see why. Just the plane flights are exhausting!

  I’m all better now and just very happy to be home without any big travel plans in the too near future. I just wanted to write a little more than I have been, let you in on a little bit of my life here in this wild city. I wish you, the reader, all the best and hope you’re enjoying your time on this fair planet.

Jessica Star