More slide guitar class!

Hey people! I had another slide guitar class at the Jalopy Theater last Saturday with Ernie Vega. He’s a good teacher. We’re learning a song called, “Keep your lamp trimmed and burning”. It’s in open D tuning which is from the low string to the high: D A D F# A D.
I’m excited to listen to the original version of the song. It’s a dark sounding gospel kind of song.
I got my pictures that my photographer friend, Darin Chumbley took at my last Dinosaur BBQ show! The photo at the top of the blog is one of many that he took. What a transformation to have a baby and then somewhat return to your original state. OK, so I may never be at my original state again but hey, I made a really cute little guy!
I’ve been going to ballet class at the Mark Morris Dance Group here in Brooklyn and really loving getting back into dance. I think my next venture will be either modern or contemporary jazz. Dancing used to be my whole life until I was 22 and turned it all into music. Hmm, maybe I’ll bring acting back in? It’s just fun! There are so many things you can do here in NYC.
Alright, goodnight.

Jessica Star