NY Faerie Festival, FaerieWorlds and life!

Last weekend we played the NY Faerie Festival! Four of our own shows and two where we sat in with our friends, Sharon Knight and Winter. Winter produced our new album, Mystical Creature, and played guitar on a bunch of songs and Sharon sang harmony. They also joined us for two of our shows and it was amazing!
Our new drummer, Bob Jones is ROCKING IT!!!! This was his first Faerie Festival and the Fae loved him.
Our next show is in Mohegan Lake, NY at the Winery at St George on Wednesday, July 23rd at 8pm. Come!!! Dress in your Faerie Festival finery! It's the NY release party for Mystical Creature and the venue is gorgeous! It's a renovated stone church and looks like a castle pub on both the outside and inside. The acoustics are amazing.
The day after the release party, we fly to Oregon for.... FAERIEWORLDS!!!!! We'll play all three days and have an awesome band. 
If you are going to be there, come visit our merchandise booth;)


Jessica Star