we saw John Rich and Cowboy Troy play in Atlantic City this weekend!

We went to Atlantic City this weekend and saw John Rich and Cowboy Troy ROCK Bally’s!!! The audience was mainly people who were gambling and then went to see the live show but there were some true fans in the house!!! MEEEE!!! I got the crowd up and rushing the stage! I mean, I know it was really the band but no one was dancing except yours truly and then two other righteous ladies joined me and then we danced to the front of the stage… On the third time we did this, all these people joined in! It was awesome. Two Foot Fred was getting down! They had a really good female duo with them called Jane Deere.

 We walked the boardwalk and eventually settled on diner food at Johnny Rockets. The next day after sleeping in pretty late, we ate at a posh spot on the boardwalk in the Trump hotel and then went down to the beach and were giddy as our feet sunk deeper into the sand, lapping wave by lapping wave.