website construction! Live shows! Benefit jam!

My website is getting some lovely reconstruction! There is music on my site now! Soon we’ll be adding video! I’m very excited about this. 

Live performing has been great. I sang up in Harlem at the Dinosaur Barbque with Mo’Soul, which is Jason Rosen’s band. The audience was very supportive and they dug the music. The food there was delicious. The Tuesday night jams at Kenny’s Castaways are always fun. It’s a very cool venue and looks like the inside of a pirate ship. I’ve been learning new cover songs and it’s a good place to debut them.

I’m writing new songs for my forthcoming album (get it; 4th coming, it’s my 4th album!)

What else, what else? There’s a benefit reunion jam coming up next Monday the 14th here in NYC for a musician named Lorin Donadio. Here is the info:

Bobby Nathan Reunion Jam

July 14th, 2008
at The Underscore
1733 First Avenue @ 90th Street, New York, New York 10128
Cost : $20

This is the Reunion/Benefit jam for Lorin Donadio

That’s the news for now!

Jessica Star